7 Simple ways to keep awake at work

Keep Awake at Work

Ways to stay awake at work and how oxygen could be the key ingredient.

Do you sometimes find it difficult to keep yourself awake in the middle of a long work day? It is actually fairly common and normal for working adults to feel a little tired in the afternoon. You might not actually be lacking sleep at night.

But what can you do to keep awake at work?

Here are 7 simple ways to refresh yourself in the middle of the day.

Meditate Meditation can improve cognitive performance, lengthen your attention span, and reduce stress. Start with simple practices and make it your new daily practice. Just sit quietly at your desk and focus only on your breath. Alternatively you can also plug in and listen to short meditation audio clips that you can find online. Even just a few minutes of meditation will benefit the rest of your day. Grab a Snack or Drink Water A healthy snack can give you energy, stabilize blood sugar, stave off hunger, and assist brain function. Reach for a snack that is packed with a good mix of protein and carbohydrates. Good examples include Greek yoghurt and a handful of nuts. If you’re not hungry, take a break and have a glass of water to perk yourself up. Dehydration can slow down your brain function as well. Stretch or Exercise Stretching can loosen your muscles and open up your lungs. Doing a bit of cardio at your desk can promote blood circulation, reduce stress, and temporarily improve energy levels. Simply do some jumping jacks, squats, or have a brisk walk to feel more awake. Have a Laugh Laughing out loud has many benefits. It relaxes your muscles, relieves tension and stress, boosts your immune system, releases endorphins, and enhances your intake of Oxygen to stimulate vital organs and provide energy. Watch a funny video or have a quick joke with colleagues. Even a short 2 minutes of laughter would greatly benefit you. Power Nap Even with enough hours of sleep, the stress and mental overload from a hectic day would tire anyone out. Naps can boost cognitive performance and are one of the best ways to refresh yourself. Even a short 20 minute nap can make you feel more alert and focused. Coffee might make you feel more awake than a nap, but you’ll eventually get a crash in energy from caffeine. However you can try to reap the benefits of both coffee and napping by having a coffee nap! Just have a 20 minute nap after downing a cup of coffee. Take a walk in nature It is fairly common for adults to be spending countless hours working in confined air-conditioned spaces. This means that you might be breathing in too much stale and contaminated air; and possibly lacking oxygen from the air re-circulation. Taking a stroll in a local park surrounded by greenery would provide you with cleaner quality oxygen in the air to recharge your brain. If you feel stressed or lacking in focus, nature helps relief tension and restores focus by engaging your involuntary and effortless attention that you don’t get from walking around urban city blocks. Aromatic oxygen Oxygen therapy works by allowing people to get deeper and uninterrupted rest while receiving higher concentration levels of clean quality oxygen. It is an enhanced resting experience that gives you the restoration benefits of a power nap, and the rejuvenation benefits of boosted oxygen to recharge your mind and body. There are different ways you can enjoy the benefits of oxygen – Portable canisters of aromatic oxygen, oxygen concentrators, and the mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber. There are also additional proven benefits to oxygen such as providing faster physical recovery, as well as improved skin condition. Click here now to find out more about wellness with oxygen and how to try it for yourself, and how you can enhance your lifestyle with oxygen. If you would like to have a designated place to nap and recharge at your office, forward us to your company or contact us directly!

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