Effects of 92% oxygen on the cognitive performance of intellectually challenged people

Cognitive Performance Of Intellectually Challenged People

lectually And Developmentally Disabled People

Journal: Journal of Physiological Anthropology

Authors: Hyung-Sik Kim, Mi-Hyun Choi, Ji-Hye Baek, Sung-Jun Park, Jung-Chul Lee, Ul-Ho Jeong, Sung-Phil Kim, Hyun-Jun Kim, Young Chil Choi, Dae-Woon Lim & Soon-Cheol Chung

Title : Effects Of 92% Oxygen Administration On Cognitive Performance And Physiological Changes Of Intellectually And Developmentally Disabled People

[2min read] The administration of 92% oxygen can positively affect (at least in the short term), the working memory of those with intellectual and developmental disability. The study involves 14 mixed male and females volunteers (aged 34±8years old) with intellectual and developmental disabilities, performing cognitive tasks in normal environment (21% oxygen) and in hyperoxic environment (92% oxygen). SpO2 and heart rate were gauged as they adapt to the environment. The volunteers were asked to press the button when a certain number appeared and their response time was taken. Results showed that the volunteers had better accuracy while having higher SpO2 levels and lower heart rates during the tests.

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