How Peppermint aromatherapy helps promote better Athletic Performance

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Journal: International Sports Journal Author: Bryan Raudenbush

Journal: International Sports Journal

Title: The effects of Odors on objective and subjective measures of athletic performance

Author: Bryan Raudenbush

Summary (1min read): 40 young volunteers took 3 different aroma – Peppermint, jasmine and demethyl sulfide odor and took NASA-TLX questionaire for mental, physical, temporal, performance, effort and frustration scale. They took the vigor and fatigue sub-scales of POMS after the walking on a treadmill at 1.7mph at 7% gradient, slowly progressing to 5mph with 15% gradient. The protocols were separated by at least 48hours to ensure that volunteers are well rested. Analysis of the results showed the peppermint odor showed improved POM subscale for vigor and fatigue but no significance in NASA-TLX questionaire, probably suggesting that volunteers were performing at or near maximum effort.

Methods: 40 young adult volunteers (18men, 22women) with average age of 20 years old was tested with peppermint, jasmine and demethyl sulfide odor.

Results: POMS sub-scales of vigor and fatigue shows that volunteers shows more vigor and less fatigue after taking peppermint aroma.

Table comparing Control, peppermint, jasmine aromatherapy

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