Immersing in hyperbaric oxygen is the best thing you can do for sports recovery

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Oxypods

Mimic the recovery regime of the world’s top athletes like Michael Phelps, LeBron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, Novak Djokovic for sports recovery with HBOT.

Ever wondered how the world’s top athletes like Michael Phelps, LeBron James, and Cristiano Ronaldo stay on top of their game? Well, they all have a common, cool secret when it comes to recovery and performance– and we’re about to reveal it to you.This product is not only used for training and athletic performance. Celebrities like Keanu Reeves and John Travolta have made headlines for using this. It is endorsed by famous people like motivational speaker Tony Robbins. Even celebrities such as the late Michael Jackson, Madonna, and actor Ian Somerhalder own one of these. They use it on a regular basis for enhanced wellness, better health, and greater energy. 

If you have any chronic fatigue or stresses at work, this method will also help you rest better, get more energy, and improve your cognitive performance. If your aching muscles and body soreness have been keeping you away from the gym, or if you have health and beauty related concerns that you’re worried about, then perhaps you might want to read on.

We understand that you might have either fitness goals that you wish to achieve, or perhaps desire better health and skin, and that’s why we’re here to tell you that there’s a way to boost your recovery and maximize performance, as well as maintain good health and youth at the same time! The best part about Hyperbaric Oxygen Treat (HBOT) is that it gives you all these benefits without you needing to do much yourself, besides perhaps getting some sleep!

Are you ready to take your training to the next level? Are you ready to relief your stresses and fatigue? Are you ready to feel rejuvenated? Then start recovering more effectively, boost your athletic performance, and feel energized with HBOT.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric chambers and HBOT have been in use for centuries, as early as 1662. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers were tested and developed by the U.S. Military after World War I. It has been used safely since the 1930s to help treat deep sea divers with decompression sickness. Clinical trials in the 1950s uncovered a number of beneficial mechanisms from exposure to hyperbaric oxygen chambers. These experiments were the forerunners of contemporary applications of Hyperbaric Oxygen.

Fast forward to today, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers are now made more accessible and utilized for various different purposes. Hyperbaric Chambers increases the body’s capacity to absorb oxygen, allowing people to reap all the benefits of life’s most vital element and nutrient.

How does HBOT  work?

HBOT  is an enhanced resting experience where you immerse yourself in a mildly pressurised chamber while inhaling high concentration oxygen.

Clean and fresh oxygen (O2) is vital for living. It provides your body with energy, helps you to heal from injuries, and ensures that your organs function at full capacity.

In the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, pressure can reach up to 1.4ata and oxygen levels are raised to approximately double of atmospheric oxygen levels. When you immerse yourself inside the oxygen chambers, the higher pressure allows significantly higher amount of oxygen to dissolve into your body. It supersaturates your cells, vital organs, and reaches areas where circulation may be restricted; speeding muscle recovery and maintaining peak function.

Higher levels of oxygen also relieves various sleep issues and muscle discomforts, allowing for deeper uninterrupted rest. It also ensures that your cells are sufficiently oxygenated to provide energy for a full body skin rejuvenation.

Benefits of HBOT

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1) Enhances Athletic Performance

The main source of energy of the human body is Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). It keeps your muscles going, and the more intensely you train, the more it is consumed and has to be replaced. ATP is formed when your body converts glucose and oxygen; oxygen is needed to create energy. Your muscles fatigue from Lactic Acid being released when you’re burning up more energy than oxygen can be supplied.

By creating a surplus of oxygen in the body before training or competition, more energy can be produced for enhanced power exertion. The rate of lactic acid production would be slower as well, providing for greater muscle endurance.

Manhunt 2016 Winner Lucas Lim Training inside HBOT

2) Boosts Training Recovery

Multiple phases of training recovery such as the replenishing of depleted blood oxygen, replenishing of depleted ATP, and breaking down of lactic acid all require the use of oxygen. These processes would be enhanced through the use of HBOT.

Boosted oxygen levels also ensure tissue and cells are saturated with oxygen adequately in order to produce energy for muscle recovery.

3) Relieves Tiredness and Stress

As mentioned above, HBOT also relieves various sleep issues and muscle discomforts, providing for deeper and uninterrupted rest. Individuals with breathing and snoring issues might benefit greatly from the high concentration oxygen.

If you’re feeling tired in the middle of the day; whether due to problems such as sleep deprivation, breathing issues, or jetlag, you would feel energized by immersing in an oxygenated nap. A good nap can boost focus and cognitive performance significantly. Not to mention, the environment in the chamber provides a conducive private space to meditate and clear your head of stress as well.

4) Improves Overall Health

Living and working in an urban city might mean spending many hours in confined air conditioned spaces; which circulates stale air that might even be contaminated with viruses such as the common flu. Even outside of offices and homes, there are higher carbon emissions in urban cities from the heavy traffic on roads.

Carbon monoxide reduces the blood’s capacity to carry oxygen; increased exposure can affect your health. When there is a haze, or burning of incense around, this worsens. If you spend more time in these environments rather than being surrounded by greenery, HBOT is a quick solution for you to introduce high levels of clean and pure oxygen into your system.

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5) Anti-Ageing and Better Skin

As people get older, all cells throughout the body start losing their ability to absorb as much oxygen. Even organs such as the lung absorb less oxygen than they did earlier in life. Without being sufficiently oxygenated, skin cells may start losing their ability to rejuvenate. This can mean issues such as wrinkles and dull skin.

HBOT increases the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, ensuring fully oxygenated skin cells that have the energy to recover from damage and rejuvenate. Vital organs would receive increased levels of blood oxygen as well.

6) Detoxification

Many toxins such as viruses and bacteria that store in our body and organs are anaerobic. Anaerobic infections typically cause tissue damage. However oxygen destroys these anaerobic bacteria in the body.

HBOT also aids with issues caused by smoking and alcohol. Smoking releases carbon monoxide, which as mentioned, reduces the blood’s capacity to carry oxygen. This affects both smokers and passive smokers. Alcohol is also broken down through oxidation; metabolism of alcohol uses oxygen and can cause a lack of brain oxygen. HBOT would relief these issues by giving a boost in absorption and a supply of high concentration oxygen at the same time.

7) Weight Management

Human fat cells are stored as triglyceride—a type of fat which is made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. These fat cells are metabolized through oxidation. Fat doesn’t get converted to muscle, get broken down into smaller pieces, nor turned into heat energy. The oxidation process of “burning fat” consumes oxygen while producing 84% carbon dioxide and 16% water as waste. This means that a small percentage of fat is lost through sweat and urine, while the bulk of it is actually breathed away.

HBOT encourages fat oxidation by introducing more oxygen for the conversion of fat into carbon dioxide and water. Weight gain from a lack of sleep further demonstrates how oxygen is linked to fat. Sleep apnea causes chronic exhaustion by reducing blood oxygen. This increases cortisol levels and leads to weight gain. HBOT thus further prevents weight gain that is induced by sleep apnea, by allowing for a much better resting experience.

There is also less blood circulation to the fat in the lower body for women and the love handles of men. This starves the fat in those areas of oxygen, making fat loss in those areas more difficult. One of the reason why middle belly fat is the first to go during weight loss is because belly fat is very oxygen satisfied as compared. HBOT aids in blood oxygen circulation by increasing the supply and absorption of oxygen throughout your entire body.

Where can I find HBOT?? 

With a desire to provide fresh and exciting oxygen enhanced experiences, and better living and wellness for everyone, O2genes is Singapore’s only soft hyperbaric oxygen home rental service providing recreational wellness oxygen for everyone.

O2genes provides portable oxygen canisters (Boost Oxygen) for people to enjoy oxygen whenever and wherever they need, as well as Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers for enhanced wellness. The Hyperbaric Chambers have been used by athletes such as martial arts fighters, as well as people who came in simply with the desire for better wellness. The HBOT Oxypods can be brought to any location of your choice – as long as you can allocate enough space for the set-up.

You can find out more and book an appointment through the website.  

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an athlete, physically active, or simply desiring better health and wellness – you will reap the benefits of an oxygen enhanced resting experience. Are you ready to take your physical well-being to greater heights, so you can achieve everything you wish to in life? Then why not get started on your journey to optimal physical well-being by booking your Hyperbaric Oxygen session today!

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