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Due to the covid19 pandemic and its developments into its variants, an unexpected ingredient was brought into the limelight – Oxygen. Due to complications of covid19 and its variants, manifests itself as asymptomatic or mild respiratory tract infection in majority of the infected individuals, but in some cases, progress into severe pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome. In short, covid19 causes inflammation in our lungs, restricting its ability to absorb oxygen, and eventually causing respiratory failure. Hence, the patients admitted into intensive care units tend to need a continuous flow of high concentration medical oxygen (more than 99.2%) in order to fight the potentially deadly infection. Hence, together with the rise in infection rates, the demand for oxygen also increases in tandem.

Besides the use of oxygen medically in the support for covid19 pandemic, oxygen is inherently part and parcel of our daily life. Humans can survive a few days without food, a day without water but not more than a few minutes without oxygen. There must be more to oxygen and let’s look into how oxygen is actually intertwined deeply into our daily living in sleep, exercise, travel, work and study as well as in beauty.

Oxygen and Wellness

Wellness is a broad category, ranging from personal wellbeing, sleep, work life balance, relationships, happiness and enjoyment. Achieving wellness in life is challenging, perhaps even more so in this age of social media with overconsumption of information, resulting in involuntary comparison with others even though the content posted may not necessarily reflect reality. With the pace of life ever increasing like how world records are continuously broken in the Olympics, it is increasingly difficult to slow down and some even forgets to breathe! 

Taking a walk in nature, enjoying the freshness of the air, enriched with oxygen, and neutralises our body, taking in all the positivity nature provides. It is refreshing as our body, down to the cellular level, rejuvenates, resets and is ready for the next day. A cell becomes cancerous when it is oxygen deprived. Getting up and taking a stroll in nature gets our blood circulation up, with intake of oxygen, our lungs absorb the oxygen, passing it to the red blood cells, which carries oxygen to where the body needs most and hence, feel much better and the key ingredient behind these health and wellness, is the invisible hero, Oxygen.

Oxygen and Sleep

Sleeping poorly these days due to stress from work, financial issues, relationship woes, juggling with family matters or simply having too much on our minds is becoming more and more common. There are countless ways on the internet to find sleep help, home remedies for a good sleep and answers to insomnia. These methods may include sleeping in a dark room, avoiding electronic devices an hour before bedtime, releasing scented aromatherapy, listening to slow relaxing music, or even playing sounds of a certain wavelength to stimulate sleep. If most of these don’t work, how do you fall asleep faster with oxygen? 

Oxygen concentrators may be used for patients to improve rest and recovery. Healthy adults can also enjoy the benefits of oxygen even when their pulse oximeter meter, SpO2 levels are in the normal range and experience enhanced rest and optimize sleep. Studies have shown that with exposure to high concentration of oxygen, our brain is encouraged to remain in deep, restorative sleep. In addition, mild aroma such as lavender can also be infused into oxygen flow to further enhance relaxation and sleep quality. Read till the end of this article to find out how O2genes can serve and enhance life with oxygen.

Oxygen and Exercise

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is currently ongoing amidst this pandemic and it is noticeable even the best in class athletes pant so deeply through their masks after their race. Indeed, their body is demanding for oxygen even after the race. Our human bodies recover from strenuous exercise with time. Professional athletes may not have that luxury to be able to compete in that olympic level. They need to recover faster and continue to compete in the top level, performing at their peak performance and have that extra edge from their competitors. 

During the race, breathing is crucial as athletes need to keep their body operating within aerobic respiration as long as possible, where energy is generated with oxygen. After this point, they begin panting in demand for more oxygen and when the intake of oxygen is insufficient, anaerobic respiration takes over and unwanted byproducts such as lactic acid are produced. Thereafter, the metabolism of lactic acid also requires oxygen, which is why it takes time for our lungs to absorb oxygen, and finally with blood circulation, bring oxygen to the muscles for recovery. Many famous olympians and professional athletes are already using oxygen to recover faster to stay on top of their game and delight fans with amazing performances. It is safe and an natural ingredient approved by World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) too.

Oxygen and Travel

“Flying east to west is the best, flying west to east is a beast” illustrates the difficulties faced after travelling between time zones where flying east to west is similar to gaining time and we will have ‘extra’ time to recover. On the flip side, flying west to east loses time and it is harder for the body’s internal clock to wind ahead rather than wind backwards. However, whichever direction we are heading, there could be an oxygen bar providing aromatic oxygenated rest for frequent travellers. Does it really work? Is there science behind such establishments?

Whenever we fly on a commercial plane, as we ascend into the lower stratosphere, pressure decreases and aircraft cabins are pressured to simulate an elevation of 6,000 to 8,000 feet, and the oxygen level at these levels is not the same as what we’d normally breathe at sea level. Although the percentage of oxygen is maintained at 21%, the pressure is lower and every breath taken draws fewer oxygen molecules, resulting in jet lag. Some immediate remedies would be to avoid alcohol, stretch or walk about to get blood circulation up. 

Upon landing, our body begins to replenish the lost oxygen levels and it takes time for our lungs to absorb oxygen and blood to circulate around the entire body for recovery. Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson overcomes jet lag by working out, raising his oxygen intake and blood circulation, speeding up jet lag recovery. As shown, it all boils down to our invisible hero, Oxygen.

Oxygen and Alcohol

In the earlier section, it is recommended to avoid alcohol while flying, but how could we overcome the temptation when it could be free and it may actually help to induce sleep? It is important to understand the science behind the metabolism of alcohol. Precious oxygen molecules are consumed by our liver to break down alcohol and generate urea which explains the constant visits to relieve ourselves after excessive intakes of alcohol.

Can we still enjoy a party with alcohol but minimize the damage and after-effects of intoxication of alcohol? The solution is indeed oxygen. That is also the reason why you may feel the urge to take a breather outside of the air conditioned room for ‘fresh air’, which is actually the oxygen break time which your body needs to replenish itself. Therefore, oxygen plays an important role in the metabolism of alcohol and the mitigation of hangovers.

Oxygen and Work and study

Our brain uses about 25% of our oxygen intake and hence supplying sufficient oxygen is essential for proper function. The military utilises hypoxia recognition training to help its pilots understand physiological threats faced during high altitude flight and operations. Simple arithmetic tests were done at normal environment 21% oxygen levels, followed by normobaric 17% oxygen levels. Having only a slight drop in oxygen levels, pilots exhibit slower and poorer performance in simple mathematical calculations, showing the effects of oxygen deficiency. The reverse of providing 100% oxygen in a hyperbaric environment for healthy adults showed improvements in attention, information processing speed and executive functions. This shows the benefits of oxygen in cognitive brain function and possible enhancements in work and study in our daily living.

Aromatherapy such as rosemary is also beneficial in a study on cognitive function in an elderly population. The effects was also replicated with young adults and shows faster and more accurate outcomes for serial mathematical taste and reaction visual processing tasks. After understanding how oxygen and rosemary works and backed by science, we can all enjoy these benefits of both oxygen and rosemary together for improved cognitive function with Boost Oxygen ThinkTank!

Oxygen in Beauty

For the beautiful and handsome readers out there, oxygen facials may have been tried and found to help your skin look healthy and bright. Oxygen is the key ingredient that helps infuse the serums into the skin and deliver the ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or vitamins to help hydrate our skin for added radiance resulting in a bright glowing skin. Oxygen is also known for wound healing which helps to kill certain bacteria and promote skin rejuvenation.

Before we flock to book an appointment with a preferred oxygen facial service provider, consider immersing in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and DIY, applying our skincare regime and allowing the entire body to enjoy the benefits of oxygen, on top of the benefits of the ingredients for skincare. 


In the stressful, fast paced environment in Singapore, we need to take a step back and breathe better. O2genes provide oxygen products and services such as portable Boost Oxygen and HBOT rentals for all to enjoy the benefits of oxygen wherever we are, and also in the comfort of our home. Visit their website for more information on wellness with oxygen and chat with their friendly staff for a free personal consultation and answer any of your doubts about oxygen.

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