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Supplemental oxygen can help recovery. Whether you are exhausted from a tough workout or still feeling last night’s cocktail party, supplemental oxygen can help you recover and get back to your best.

Remember the time when you feel much better after you exited the night club for some ‘fresh’ air? Yes it’s actually oxygen your body is gasping for. All the alcohol in your body is taking a toll on your liver and more oxygen can help break it down.

As researchers spend more time looking at brain chemistry and what actually improves cognitive function, they have stumbled upon one of the major elements that the brain needs: oxygen. Oxygen is one of the most recent and popular hangover remedies. It’s just common sense. Waking up with your head aching or a queasy stomach is not cool, and  that’s a hangover. But don’t worry, supplemental oxygen is there to help. When we drink alcohol, we become oxygen-deficient. To metabolize 1 molecule of alcohol, it takes 3 molecules of oxygen, and our body meets this oxygen demand by depleting the body’s oxygen supply to metabolize the alcohol we consumed.

Alcohol is one of the culprits who contracts the blood vessels in the head, causing a decreased amount of blood and nutrients that are required for our brain to function properly. After alcohol consumption, it takes time for the body to recover and return to its our original sober state. It is painful and what causes headaches.

When you take supplemental oxygen, it works fast as more oxygen is delivered to an intoxicated body to assist in its recovery, shortening the time you suffer from hangover effects and get you back on track.

Oxygen For

Oxygen For

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Frequently Asked Questions

Energy drinks contain caffeine, sugars, carbs and calories that can be harmful to your health or cause you to crash after their effects expire – forcing you to often drink even more to avoid the crash.

The same can be said of the effect of coffee to your body. Boost Oxygen has no caffeine, sugar, carbs or calories. There is no sugar crash with Boost Oxygen. Supplemental oxygen is completely natural and more relaxing and restorative than energy drinks or coffee.

The metabolism of alcohol requires oxygen. That is exactly why you would feel better when you step out of the air-conditioned hall for some fresh air after drinking slightly too much.

Oxygen helps to hasten the metabolism process. With your liver and heart needing more oxygen to recover from a hangover, using supplementary oxygen makes sense and helps you feel better faster.

The next time you head out for a party, it would be wise to bring along a canister of Boost Oxygen. It is also an interesting conversation starter or icebreaker. Remember to take a few deep breaths of boost oxygen and have a cup of water after a fun night out so you don’t have to suffer as much hangover the day after!

Different individuals have different alcohol tolerances. Taking Boost Oxygen together with alcohol can be a refreshing breather in between drinks but may not directly correlate to increment in alcohol tolerances.

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