Oxygen For Pregnancy

Pregnant women need more oxygen

Increasing oxygen flow improves expectant mom's health and baby's health

Pregnant women require 20% more oxygen due to harmone changes and additional demands from your baby. The air we breathe is only about 21 percent oxygen. Pregnancy may also result in numerous changes with a growing new life inside which is pressing against the mother’s diaphragm. New moms may feel uncomfortable or breathless intermittently.

Is it normal to feel breathless in pregnancy?

Shortness of breath affects 60-70% of expectant moms. In medical terms, it is referred to as Dyspnea, or air hunger. 

In the first trimester, breathing feels heavy due to the increase in pregnancy harmone progestrone. It increases the capacity of your body to absorb more oxygen into the blood stream and push out carbon dioxide. This process overwhelms the body to gasp for air (oxygen). As we prepare for the third trimester, breathing becomes more conscious as simple day activities may feel like running a marathon. Breathlessness in late pregnancy is mainly due to a growing uterus and an expanding belly. The growing uterus and fetus pushes the diaphragm and lungs upwards, making it harder to take deep breaths. 

Although it may feel uncomfortable, it is harmless unless it is due to some serious illness. So, relax moms! Be patient and slow down abit to glide through pregnancy smoothly. 

How do i tackle breathlessness during pregnancy?

Here are some tips for some relief:

  1. Take things slowly and easily – Relax and be patient with every task on hand, or ask your husband for help! This is the time they can’t say no!
  2. Maintain a good posture so that your lungs have enough room to expand.
  3. Experiment different sleeping positions and find the most comfortable position for yourself. Generally, lying on the left side with pillows are said to help =)
  4. Do some breathing exercises and take it slow to increase oxygen flow to you and your baby.

Aids for pregnant moms

Besides the above tips, what are some aids you can get for yourself and your baby? Boost Oxygen provides 95% oxygen in a canister, and comes in 2 sizes (as big as a 300ml or 600ml water bottle). It fits snugly inside your handbag or jute bag when you go for shopping!

When you breathe in pure oxygen, it goes directly to your lungs and helps your body absorb oxygen to meet the additional demand you and your baby needs. Taking a few breaths of Boost Oxygen, your body gets a major boost of this vital element, helping you catch your breath and find immediate relief.


Inhaling oxygen can offer a variety of benefits for expectant moms and your baby. Boost Oxygen canisters are safe for you and your baby as it is 100% natural and the aromatherapy is organic and chemical free. If you’re looking for an alternative way to improve your well-being during pregnancy, oxygen therapy may be right for you. Try Boost Oxygen today and experience the many benefits of pure oxygen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Energy drinks contain caffeine, sugars, carbs and calories that can be harmful to your health or cause you to crash after their effects expire – forcing you to often drink even more to avoid the crash.

The same can be said of the effect of coffee to your body. Boost Oxygen has no caffeine, sugar, carbs or calories. There is no sugar crash with Boost Oxygen. Supplemental oxygen is completely natural and more relaxing and restorative than energy drinks or coffee.

The metabolism of alcohol requires oxygen. That is exactly why you would feel better when you step out of the air-conditioned hall for some fresh air after drinking slightly too much.

Oxygen helps to hasten the metabolism process. With your liver and heart needing more oxygen to recover from a hangover, using supplementary oxygen makes sense and helps you feel better faster.

The next time you head out for a party, it would be wise to bring along a canister of Boost Oxygen. It is also an interesting conversation starter or icebreaker. Remember to take a few deep breaths of boost oxygen and have a cup of water after a fun night out so you don’t have to suffer as much hangover the day after!

Different individuals have different alcohol tolerances. Taking Boost Oxygen together with alcohol can be a refreshing breather in between drinks but may not directly correlate to increment in alcohol tolerances.

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