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Studies show that supplemental oxygen is an all-natural health and wellness aid that promotes recovery, sharpens mental acuity, and helps generate energy at the cellular level. 

How can supplemental oxygen help wellness?

Health professionals state increased oxygen intake can help with health and well-being. It promotes energy, better mental acuity and increased capacity for aerobic exercise. 

Improve Respiratory Symptoms

Supplemental oxygen reduces stress on the lungs which can help with improved breathing comfort. Having supplementary oxygen at hand wherever you do can also make you feel more secure in cases where you many have difficulty or trouble breathing.

Lower Risk of heart diseases and other health complications

Our body needs oxygen to function. For this reason, having hypoxemia (oxygen levels fall below 92%) is extremely dangerous. Hypoxemia, or low blood oxygen, is a condition where there is a low oxygen level in blood which can lead to health complications. Hence, doctors may prescribe oxygen therapy and/or oxygen concentrators to allow for continuous supply of oxygen to patients. Supplemental oxygen canisters like Boost Oxygen Natural provides temporal, intermittent oxygen supply. It effectively increases blood oxygen saturation temporarily when you need it most – especially when outdoors. 

Effective in Helping you get better sleep

People with respiratory disorders often require the help of supplemental oxygen for sleep. Patients in hospitals may also be provided with continuous oxygen flow to aid with rest and recovery. For stressed working adults, sleep may not come easily. Many find themselves thinking of work long after working hours are over. This inability to regulate stress and thoughts result in poor sleep quality. Thus, taking deep breaths of aromatic oxygen like Boost Oxygen can help with relaxation and can assist in easing you into deep sleep. Boost Oxygen Pinkgrapefruit is one of our favourite as its mild aromatherapy helps us relax and recognise that its time to sleep!

sleep better with oxygen
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Improve exercise Capabilities

Those who suffer from chronic lung diseases or respiratory conditions can’t do exercise normally without the help of supplemental oxygen. Engaging in physical activity increases demand for oxygen and forces the lungs to work harder.

Supplemental oxygen can give you the extra catch of breath you need when engaging in physical activity. 

For athletes, supplementary oxygen cans like Boost Oxygen can BOOST your physical condition to the next level. Struggling on the treadmill? Instead of slowing down progress, try taking supplementary Peppermint Boost Oxygen! It pushes you through that extra stretch and can strengthen you more for your next jog or exercise. In the long run, it can improve your stamina, time and pace even without supplementary oxygen!

increase cognitive function and alertness

Oxygen feeds our brain. Hence, with the use of supplemental oxygen, our ability to think, reason and memorise can be improved. Many studies have shown proof as to how supplemental oxygen can aid in raising cognitive functions. Need an extra BOOST for work or studies? Our Rosemary Boost Oxygen ThinkTank is available here for all fellow hardworkers!

*above factors are in accordance to LPT medical

Combat stress and fatigue

Stress is notably one of the biggest causes for concern today. But how do we combat it? According to the American Institute of Stress (AIS), the act of “focused breathing” is, by far, the best way to combat stress. In other words, a few deep inhalations can help “jumpstart” focused breathing by getting you to slow down and concentrate on breath intake.

In like manner, fatigue can also disrupt your quality of life. The National Institute for Health (NIH) states that “Oxygen therapy helps many people function better and be more active. It also may help decrease……fatigue (tiredness).”


With all of the help and benefits mentioned above, why not try getting one? Send us a pm if you need more information or even a short discussion with our friendly oxygen wellness experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, oxygen is safe for healthy people of all ages if used as directed.

If in doubt, users should always check with and seek professional advice if required. As for the potential dangers of oxygen, such as oxygen toxicity, it may occur if high concentrated oxygen is used for a prolonged period of time, at a highly pressured environment (for example 100% oxygen, at 2-3 ata and for longer 3 hours).

Our mHBOT Oxypods can only reach 1.4ata with a maximum of 90% oxygen and a recommended 80mins maximum single use. Furthermore, oxygen poisoning is also very unlikely and uncommon.

There are little or no side effects if oxygen is used as directed. Boost Oxygen is meant for intermittent, recreational use only. Mild hyperbaric oxygen should be used in accordance and adherence to training and operations manual.

The oxygen concentrators O2genes use will produce high concentration oxygen and at a low moisture level. Hence, dryness may be felt and can be overcame with a humidity bottle or proper moisturisation regime.

No, Boost Oxygen is intended for non-medical use. Oxygen therapies that are prescribed by a doctor to treat medical conditions are defined as 99.2% (or above) pure oxygen. Boost Oxygen is Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen (95% pure).

Although both are produced in a similar manner, Boost Oxygen is designed for pople looking to experience the benefits of purified oxygen.

Boost Oxygen comes in natural and three aromatherapy fragrances – pink grapefruit, peppermint and methanol. They are all-natural, completely safe for inhalation and water soluble.

Aromatherapy is the art of science of using naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.

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