Supplemental oxygen enhances memory and faster reaction times

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Journal: Physiology & Behaviour Author: Andrew B. Scholey et al.,

Reference: Cognitive Performance, Hyperoxia, and Hear Rate Following Oxygen Administration in Healthy Young Adults

Journal: Physiology & Behaviour

Authors: Andrew B. Scholey, Mark C. Moss, Nick Neave and Keith Wesnes

Summary (1min read): 21 females and 11 male volunteers took part in this study. Word recall exercise was done with 15 two syllable words presented sequentially for 1s each and volunteers were tasked to write down as many words as possible. Reaction time task was done with a response button to be pressed as quickly as possible following each random presentation of the word “yes”. 

Results: Results show that the average number of word recall is higher and reaction time is shorter for the oxygen group as compared to the air group.

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