What to do if your SpO2 level falls below 95%?

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Get a Boost Oxygen to supplement yourself and bring your SpO2 level higher than 95%

Why Is SpO2 Important?

The level of oxygen in the blood is measured in SpO2 and SpO2 levels range from 0-100%. The normal range for a healthy individual should be above 95%. 

Do you happen to be one of the few whose oxygen level falls short of the normal range? If you are, fret not! If your SpO2 falls below 95%, you can attempt to use an oxygen canister like Boost Oxygen portable oxygen canisters to bring up your SpO2 level! Boost Oxygen contains 95% pure, Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen. It helps you to breathe better, especially if you are suffering from frequent mask fatigue or a lack of oxygen.

The Boost Oxygen portable oxygen canisters from O2genes is 100% natural, and is extremely lightweight. This means that you can carry it on-the-go, anywhere from parks to your workplaces. It is ergonomically designed for users to inhale oxygen comfortably, at the tip of their fingers.


How To Use The Boost Oxygen Portable Oxygen Canister 

The Boost Oxygen portable oxygen canisters by O2genes are simple to use. Simply take a deep breath through the mouthpiece, and hold the oxygen in for a short duration before exhaling. Repeat the motion for about 3-5 breaths; you will notice that your oxygen levels start to regulate, and you begin to breathe better. 


Why Boost Oxygen Portable Oxygen Canisters 

– Portable: Does not require any extra apparatus to facilitate breathing. Perfect for outdoor activities or when you are traveling

– Safe to use: 100% Natural, and certified by the US FDA, it is safe for both elderly and children to use.

– Easy-To-Maintain: Oxygen does not expire and can be used intermittently on separate occasions.

– Lightweight: It is very lightweight at only 180g and can be carried around easily in a backpack or a bike pannier. Perfect as emergency oxygen canisters or for emergency situations.

Grab your Boost Oxygen canisters and breathe better with oxygen! 

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