Cells become cancerous when they are deprived of oxygen (hypoxic). Oxygenated cells are stronger and generate more energy. In an oxygenated environment, cancerous cells are weaker, and our bodies can produce more energy, enhancing overall strength.

If we undergo Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) before radiation therapy, we can strengthen ourselves and weaken the targeted cells. This can alleviate fatigue and weakness. Increased oxygen transport around the body helps cells generate more energy, making the body stronger and boosting immunity. Moreover, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can also improve our sleep quality.

请注意:O2genes 并不将自己定位为医疗服务。我们是一家健康提供商。在继续高压氧疗法之前,请先咨询您的医疗服务提供者


高压氧治疗 (HBOT) 是指在 1.4-2.0 ATA 的气压下呼吸高达 100% 的氧气。

The Cocoon® increases oxygen delivery to the body by X7 TIMES to areas that may be previously oxygen-deprived.


  • 在较高的压力下,我们的血液和血浆中氧气饱和。这可以改善营养物质和氧气向身体的输送。
  • 在氧舱® 内,您可以吸入更多氧气。因此,您处于 Hyper-Oxygenated.

Enhanced oxygenation in the body increases the amount of oxygen in the blood and plasma. This higher oxygen content improves blood flow and allows oxygen and nutrients to reach areas that were previously deprived. The increased oxygen helps dilate blood vessels, promoting better circulation, which facilitates the delivery of essential nutrients to tissues and organs that need them most. This process supports tissue repair, energy production, and overall cellular function.


    • 它是 新血管的产生 后随着时间的推移,经过多次波动(氧舱® 中的加压和大气中的正常压力),将血液和营养物质输送到以前无法到达的区域。


  • 高氧合提供了所需的成分 ATP合成,以及使我们的身体更好地休息和更快恢复所需的能量。
  • 随着更多的氧气进入更深的地方,我们的细胞可以产生更多的能量。
  • 线粒体产生 ATP — 我们的身体休息和更快恢复所需的能量。


  • 利用新获得的能量,可以 激活干细胞 以获得再生益处。这使得身体能够更快地自然恢复并增强我们的认知能力。
  • 有了更多的氧气,我们就可以到达更深的区域,并获得更多的能量。有了这三件事,我们就可以激活我们的干细胞,我们的身体现在可以更好地战斗。 

Hyper-Oxygenation (更好的血液流动)→ 血管生成 (线粒体性能-更多能量) 干细胞激活 (免疫)