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Rachelbambi Boost Oxygen

This helps for breathlessness... And I've been pretty breathless during pregnancy and after covid. Completely safe for pregnancy too!

@rachelbambi, Rachel

My marathon in Camaroon Highlands was made easier with Boost Oxygen. Whenever i take sips of water, i take puffs of Boost Oxygen. Immediate relief for improved performance.

@ned, avid runner


For my boys' sinusitis, they love Eucalyptus. WE noticed less sneezing fits in the morning after 3-5 days of consistent puffs of Eucalyptus! It's a must-have for every household with children!


This is amazing with HIIT! It is amazing how I catch my breath during the short rest time, and be ready to push through the next set.

@Grayce, ff trainer

Betsy Boost Oxygen

It's so good for post run, on days when I feel stressed and breathless, and when I'm so sleepy and need a perk! It's a MUST BRING when I head out these days!!


Rob Lowe, Boost Oxygen, O2Genes

It was amazing during and post-flight. Jetlag or altitude sickness is no longer a concern with Boost Oxygen!

@roblowe, celebrity

Boost Oxygen Pregnancy

Helps when you"re breathless & great for exercising! Oxygen boost for fellow mummies; great especially if you're in your third trimester & need a perk-me-up!

@c0rde, Cordelia

It's just science. Oxygen is needed for energy generation. I take a few shots and do my heavy lifting. I hit PBs with Boost Oxygen.

@saramay, trainer

Betsy – Founder of Off Duty Pilates

Airin – Make up Artist

Aggy – Singer & Vocalist

Kristen – Speech Therapist & Illustrator

Novita – Content creator

Sabrina – Founder of As-intended

O2genes Fibonacci Logo 1920x1200

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