O2genes 的 Cocoon(微高压氧治疗 mHBOT)(课程)

高压氧治疗 (mHBOT)



如果您不确定但渴望尝试 cocooning ,请参加 1 次课程!
2 周内进行 5 次疗程 cocoon,以显着比较您在这 2 周内感受到的差异。
10 次课程,帮助您开启一个月或重大活动期间的 cocooning 之旅(在 2 周前开始,在 2 周后恢复)
20 次维持 cocooning 的课程,我们欢迎您踏上旅程!



Our appointments for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) sessions are available! Schedule an appointment and we’ll contact you via whatsapp.

Benefits of Cocoon by O2genes

1) Sleep well

Poor quality sleep due to work stress? Sleep is affected by many factors. Resting in our hyperbaric oxygen cocoon gives your entire body oxygen – an important nutrient your tired muscles, brain and mind needs the most. Try cocooning with us and feel the difference! (P.S: The current status quo may not be normal.)

2) Sports recovery

Aching all over from exercise or work? Many professional athletes use the hyperbaric oxygen cocoon (HBOT) for enhanced muscle recovery and to prolong their high intensity career and deliver peak performances.

3) Full body beauty

Our hyperbaric oxygen cocoon immerses you in a high concentrated oxygenated environment and enhances the richness of essences, serums and masks for the entire body.

4) Overall wellness

Feeling the effects of mask fatigue from wearing a mask the entire day? Rest better and achieve overall wellness when you immerse yourself in our hyperbaric oxygen cocoon! Level up your lifestyle with oxygenated rest. Give yourself the best and see how much you can achieve!

5) Post medical rejuvenation

It takes time for our body to recover and for our blood to bring nutrients (oxygen is one of them) to where we need most. Help your body recover faster naturally with more oxygen as you eat well and rest better.

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