This summary delves into the relationship between hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and cancer treatment. It covers how HBOT can support people undergoing radiation treatments and be stronger and have more energy to face the treatment protocols. It draws insights from multiple studies and reviews to understand the impact of HBOT on radiation injuries, tumor growth, …

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罗纳尔多 HBOT 高压氧仓治疗


Christiano Ronaldo is known for his exceptional fitness levels and ability to perform at high levels despite his age. It was known that his discipline and training regime are the ingredients to a strong physique. His recovery regime with ice baths and strict diet also plays a big part but are there secrets we may …

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Cocoon and Hyperbaric oxygen for erectile dysfunction


This article explores the potential of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in treating non-surgical erectile dysfunction (ED). The study involved 30 men suffering from chronic ED and treated with 40 daily HBOT sessions. The results showed that HBOT significantly improved all aspects of sexual function, with a notable 88% improvement in erectile function. The treatment induced …

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This article presents a genome-wide microarray analysis of gene expression in human microvascular endothelial cells (HMEC-1) exposed to Hyperbaric oxygen induces a cytoprotective, designed to simulate clinical conditions. The study identified significant changes in gene expression, with a focus on immediate early transcription factors, metallothioneins, and molecular chaperones. Pathway analysis revealed the Nrf-2-mediated oxidative stress …

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This study examines the impact of hyperbaric oxygen stimulates neurogenesis and inflammation after stroke in rats. The results show that longer-duration HBO treatment (three weeks) is more effective than shorter-duration treatment (two days) in improving BMSC migration and promoting the expression of neurotrophic factors. This suggests that prolonged HBO therapy may enhance the therapeutic effects …

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This article, authored by Charles W. Hoge and Wayne B. Jonas, discusses the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a potential treatment for persistent post-concussion symptoms in military personnel. Unfortunately, the article does not provide an abstract or summary, but it appears to be part of a broader discussion in the medical community regarding the …

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高压氧疗法:治疗辐射引起的神经丛病 (P3.4-027)

This article presents a case report highlighting the potential use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: A Treatment for Radiation Induced Plexopathy (RIP). RIP is a rare but severe side effect that occurs following radiation treatment for pelvic malignancies, leading to motor and sensory changes in the lower extremities. In the case of a 64-year-old man with …

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高压氧:轻度脑外伤临床试验的 B 级证据

This article discusses the potential benefits of Hyperbaric oxygen: B-level evidence in mild traumatic brain injury clinical trials and persistent post-concussion syndrome. It highlights the presence of B-level evidence supporting the effectiveness of HBOT in these conditions. The article also raises a crucial concern about the use of pressurized air controls in clinical trials and …

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高压氧治疗可以改善轻度创伤性脑损伤数年后的脑震荡后综合症 – 随机前瞻性试验

This article discusses a study on the use of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to improve brain function and the quality of life in patients with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) suffering from chronic neurocognitive impairments. The study included 56 mTBI patients who underwent 40 HBOT sessions. Results showed significant improvements in cognitive function and quality …

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