Oxygen Bar

How does it work?

It refers to breathing up to 95% oxygen with aromatherapy to enhance experiences.

Made for individuals who wish to revitalise energy levels, boost emotions, or even just to improve overall health and wellness.

Benefits of the Oxygen Bar

Oxygen bars elevate mood and create a unique sensory experience, with scents and visuals, enhancing events, parties, and social gatherings for a memorable time. By increasing oxygen circulation to the brain, it promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and enhancing overall well-being.

The metabolism of alcohol requires oxygen. A session at an oxygen bar can alleviate hangover symptoms, relieving headaches and nausea while revitalizing the body with oxygen.

Inhaling oxygen at a bar can instantly boost energy levels, promoting mental clarity and physical vitality for a natural pick-me-up.

An oxygen bar can alleviate fatigue through the provision of oxygen-enriched air, which can increase oxygen levels in the bloodstream. This increased oxygen can help improve alertness and reduce feelings of tiredness, providing a quick and refreshing energy boost.

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