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HBOT pioneers and research leaders

HBOT Pioneers and leaders in the world

Prof. Paul Harch

The pioneer of HBOT shares about the basics of hyperbaric oxygen.

Prof. Paul Harch is the author of “The Oxygen Revolution”. In the book, he shared case stories he faced and how he helped them with hyperbaric oxygen. He aimed to educate both people and also doctors about hyperbaric oxygen as most medical schools do not teach hyperbaric medicine as part of its standard armamentarium.

Prof. Shai Efrati

The four key mechanisms to hyperbaric oxygen and reverse aging.

Hyperbaric oxygen provides the supporting environment for the creation of energy with hyperoxygenation and the stimulation of the generation of ‘omnipotent stem cells’ with repeated fluctuations of hyperoxic and hypoxic environment. With repeated hyperbaric oxygen therapy, it can promote angiogenesis, the creation of new blood vessels, to get blood to new areas where the body needs most.

Dr. Scott Sherr

Integrating and Synergising HBOT for Accelerated Results.

Dr. Scott Sherr shared about how hyperbaric oxygen is a great synergizer where there can be massive outcome acceleration if we integrate HBOT with functional medicine.

Dr. Jason Sonners

Myths Vs Truths of mild HBOT and Why it is safe.

Dr. Jason Sonners is the author of “Oxygen Under Pressure” and in the book, he shared about the ‘OPM’ model where a lower pressure application can be complemented with more time spent for potential similar results.

In this video, Dr. Jason Sonners explained how it is extremely safe when used properly, with quality equipment and expert local support.

Dr. Deibby Mamahit

How to change from ‘fear-based’ mindset to ‘love-based’ mindset

Explore how Dr. Deibby empower herself by accepting and let go of her fears to help bring her children to freedom and enjoy them as they are to witness them blossom in their lives.

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