Our Story

Dr. Josh Lim (PhD), found himself in a perpetual state of overwork, battling fatigue despite experimenting with various stress and sleep management techniques. Relief came only after he adopted slow, deep breathing into his routine.

Dr. Josh delved deeper into his research and stumbled upon the benefits of mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (mHBOT). His overseas experience with mHBOT, combined with insights from medical professionals regarding the essential role of oxygen in enhancing rest, inspired him to establish O2genes in 2017.

Operated from the O2genes' oxygen cafe in Keong Saik, Dr. Josh encountered numerous instances where hyperbaric oxygen was a game-changer. Engaging in heartfelt conversations with a mother caring for a special needs child and assisting a cancer survivor in managing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation underscored the profound impact of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. These inspiring stories fueled Dr. Josh's commitment to sharing the advantages of the Hyperbaric Cocoon® with a wider audience.

Today, O2genes has made the Hyperbaric Cocoon® accessible to everyone, offering the convenience of mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the comfort of your own home. This approach integrates cocooning into your lifestyle, akin to the transformative process of caterpillars evolving into beautiful butterflies within a chrysalis. O2genes aims to support your journey towards wellness and help you unveil your best self through nature's most precious element - oxygen.

Evidence - Based

Our products and services are backed by evidence-based research and data to ensure that it is truly beneficial for you.

We do our due-diligence in researching on medical journals to ensure that we deliver accurate information to you.

We only work with the best materials, technology & industry experts to deliver the gold standard of Hyperbaric Cocoon® to you. We are particular about our quality standards, especially since it concerns the air you’re breathing in.

From consultation, set up, maintenance, and partnerships with industry experts, we’re here with you every step of your Cocooning journey. Not sure whether HBOT works for you? Consult our expert, Dr Josh.

Oxygen Bars
Cocoon® by O2genes

Spice up the party and increases fun to the next level with exciting aromas that stimulate.

Provides a hyperbaric oxygen spa therapy for beauty and general wellness.

Boost Oxygen
Portable Battery Oxygen Concentrator
Oxygen Concentrators

Delivers up to 95% pure oxygen for use anywhere at anytime

Delivers up to 10L of oxygen per minute for continuous oxygen flow



To enhance the way we rest to reveal our true physical performance & cognitive abilities

To make hyperbaric oxygen accessible to all & improve wellness and lifestyles with oxygen.

Logo Symbolism

  1. The ‘genes’ in the logo shows how oxygen is part of nature and how our bodies need oxygen to be healthy
  2. The logo fits in the Fibonacci golden ratio, depicting balance, beauty and nature.
  3. The head of the genes shows continuity as the genes continue to twist and rotate upwards
  4. The tail of the genes resembles the ‘g’ in our corporate signature font ‘Sage’, curling back up, and rotating continually into depth

Colour Symbolism

Blue: Symbol of cool, calming peace

Sage: Symbol of healing and wellness

Wood: Symbol of life, growth and strength

Sand: Symbol of purity and the passing of time

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Bio-hack your lifestyle with pure oxygen

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