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Dr Josh Lim (PhD) was constantly overworked and felt lethargic no matter how many hours of sleep he clocked in the night before or the number of cups of caffeine he consumed in the day. His role as a business consultant led him to discover a hyperbaric oxygen cafe in Keong Saik back in 2017. After trying hyperbaric oxygen therapy and hearing first hand from those that benefited from the therapy, Dr Josh Lim left his cushy consulting job to start O2genes. Through hyperbaric oxygen therapy, an autistic kid shared his thoughts with his mum for the very first time, an over-achiever PMET who has been on medications for 10 years for insomnia finally felt that he actually slept at night, and a client with slip-disc finally go pain-free. It is these heartwarming stories that kept Josh driven to share the benefits of hyperbaric cocoon with more people.

Today, O2genes is 5 years old, and Dr Josh Lim is constantly researching on how hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help people from all walks of lives. O2genes is now run by both Dr Josh Lim and his wife, Jo. Cocoon by O2genes is developed in hopes to help you transform into your best self through nature's finest ingredient- oxygen. Similar to how caterpillars have the potential to transform into beautiful butterflies after chrysalis, O2genes aim to support you in your transformation to reach your highest potential.


To uncover and improve the way we sleep, regenerate and live by going back to basics and building on knowledge and science


To help you unlock your truest potential through nature's finest ingredient - oxygen


Unlocking potentials, discovering oneself
Beauty of simplicity, revealing clarity
Embrace diversity, seek commonalities

Oxygen for everyone

From portable oxygen canisters to hyperbaric oxygen cocoons, O2genes enhances your well being through oxygen

1) Cocoon by O2genes (mHBOT) provides a hyperbaric oxygen spa therapy for beauty and general wellness.

2) Boost Oxygen delivers portable canisters filled with 95% oxygen whenever you feel breathless.

3) Oxygen Bars spice up the party and increases fun to the next level with exciting aromas that stimulate.

4) Oxygen Facials beautifies your skin and brings you back in time.

5) Oxygen Concentrators of up to 10L/min flow for continuous oxygen needs.

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Boost your lifestyle with pure oxygen

Feel that you and your community can benefit from high concentration oxygen? Ping us via the chat icon and help us know you better below!

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