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Rashad Jennings HBOT

Who uses Hyperbaric Oxygen?

Professional atheletes do.

Cristiano Ronaldo (football), Novak Djokovic (tennis), Lebron James (Basketball), Michael Phelps (Swimming), Neymar (football), Rashad Jennings (NFL), Joe Namath (NFL), Rafael Soriano (MLB)…

Many more examples below! There must be a reason why their medical team advises them to use hyperbaric oxygen for enhanced rest and recovery.


Professional athletes rest in hyperbaric oxygen (HBOT) to help them recover from various kinds of injuries, ranging from joint pain to muscle tears and even concussions. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has a multitude of benefits for athletes, including:

  • Improved Physical Performance
  • Improved Mental Clarity
  • Better Sleep and rest
  • Decreasing muscle Soreness
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Increasing Energy
  • Extra edge above competition

The science behind Hyperbaric oxygen

Principles are few, but many methods. Know the principles and tackle the root of the issue.

Blood flow and circulation brings oxygen enriched blood all around our body. High pressured oxygenated environment helps flush our tissues with high levels of oxygen, and we enjoy the benefits of oxygen:

  • Increased metabolism
    • Food + Oxygen = Energy
  • Faster breakdown of alcohol (helps in hangover)
    • Alcohol + oxygen = CO2 + water
  • Helps dissipation of lactic acid (muscle recovery)
    • Lactic acid + Oxygen = Recovery

Hence, we usually just ‘take time’ to recover from hangovers and muscle aches. That is the time our body needs to absorb enough oxygen and good blood circulation helps speeds up the process.

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Cocoon by O2genes

What is a Cocoon by O2genes?

Hyperbaric Cocoon, or mHBOT, is a wellness session used by athletes, busy working adults and wellness seekers. Hyperbaric Cocoon is a soft balloon where you enter to enter to immerse in oxygen at a higher pressure, 40% higher than sea level. The goal is to fill the body with enough oxygen to rejuvenate tired muscles, boost skin rejuvenation and promote overall wellness.

What can you expect?

We will set up at your home, and run you through the first session. Thereafter, you can enjoy hyperbaric rest at your own convenient time!

You will experience the need to ‘pop’ your ears, similar to taking a plane. Swallow saliva or perform valsalva maneuver for relief. You may enjoy your favourite netflix drama, read a book, or work inside the Cocoon!

Oxygen facial

Anti-Aging effects

You might have heard – Michael Jackson or Justin Bieber or perhaps even a Thai Monk who rest in hyperbaric oxygen chamber for skin rejuvenation or anti-aging benefits.

Oxygen facials help provide a healthy glow to your face. How about for the entire body? Immerse yourself in a hyperbaric oxygenated environment and enjoy a oxygen spa session!

Enhance your life with hyperbaric oxygen

Our team is here to help. We have witnessed how hyperbaric oxygen helped many families, including our own. Give us a call. =)

Yes, there are too many articles written by journalists. We must and we should read reliable scholarly articles about hyperbaric oxygen and also consult our medical professionals before we decide on our own if hyperbaric oxygen is suitable.

There had been studies that show how we and our loved ones can live better with the help of hyperbaric oxygen. If there are no contraindications, and it is non-invasive, why not chat with us to know more, borrow our library of recommended books from Dr Paul G. Harch, Dr William S. Maxfield and Dr Jason Sonners or read more at our learning centre.  

For now, check out how Lucas trains and exercise hard before going into the hyperbaric cocoon for enhanced rest. P.S: He even did some core work inside our Hyperbaric Cocoon!


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