Dr Paul Harch HBOT
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Facilitates Stem Cell Implantation by Dr. Paul Harch, MD
1:58 – Entry of Dr. Paul Harch + Introduction
7:20 – Importance of Pressure and its relationship with genes
9:20 – HBOT is a stimulus for rejuvenation
10:10 – Our DNA and genes is affected by its environment
13:21 – What HBOT is currently used for (Approved for 15 in US, 33 in Japan, 49 in China, 70 in Russia)
15:45 – Case on Autistic child and Hypoglycemic child
19:20 – Case on child ‘meconium was present at birth’
22:30 – Cases of child with ADD/ADHD.
24:30 – Case studies on drowning
27:40 – Improvement in 5/8 neurological function
28:15 – Normobaric Intermittent use of oxygen for signalling
30:10 – Barriers to the use of oxygen
32:02 – Dr Ego and Dr Ignorance
34:50 – HBOT and its influence on Stem Cells
41:40 – Natural Homing from Stem Cells to injured areas.
48:23 – HBOT on TBI weight drop onto rats
49:26 – HBOT on Demented Rat Study
54:01 – HBOT facilitates Stem Cell Implantation and case studies
62:05 – Takeaways for HBOT and Conclusion

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