Boost Oxygen For Sports

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Beat your personal best.

What are the benefits of Supplemental Oxygen when doing sports?

The next time you watch sports games or marathons, see if you can notice staff in team tents or benches offering oxygen to their athletes!  Having supplemental oxygen available at sports games allow athletes to breathe easier when they haven’t adjusted to the elevation. It is more difficult to breathe at higher altitudes because oxygen molecules are further apart (less dense). However, the level of oxygen in the air remains the same. This means that at high elevation, they are actually getting less oxygen with each breath they take.

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Catch your breath earlier

Feeling breathless? That’s your body telling you to breathe more (oxygen)!

Prolong the aerobic respiration process and delay the onset of lactic acid build up by making sure you breathe enough oxygen. Taking Boost Oxygen, ensures you get the most out of every breath. Taking in 95% oxygen, about 5 times more oxygen in every breath, means you can generate the energy you need for the activity.

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