HBOT for Longevity

HBOT for Longevity

The average lifespan of people in Singapore is 84 years old while the average healthspan is around 73 to 74 years old.

It is very important to differentiate lifespan VS healthspan to measure how healthy the population or how healthy a person is.  Having a good quality of life is not just about living longer but also about how many of these years are being lived disease-free. It is a concept called “health span”, instead of the more familiar term “life span”.

According to Channel News Asia,  healthspan is being defined as health’s adjusted life expectancy and by the number of disease-free years lived be an individual. It focuses on the quality and vitality of those years. On the other hand, lifespan measures the duration of life.

There has been a growing gap between the two around the world. Professor Andrea Maier from NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine was interviewed by CNA to know more about the importance of lifespan VS healthspan. (click here to watch the full video)

Professor Andrea emphasized on how important it is to have various lifestyle interventions such as having proper sleep, having enough physical activities and ensuring a healthy lifestyle. 

Prevention is Better than Cure

There are a lot of different ways to increase your healthspan nowadays. There are various lifestyle interventions that we can do, such as having proper sleep, having enough physical activities, having a healthy lifestyle and many more. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) can help increase one’s healthspan as it helps with longevity – improves your quality of sleep, combats stress & fatigue, lowers the risk of heart diseases and health complications, etc.

How does HBOT help with Longevity?

HBOT has been proposed to potentially aid longevity through several mechanisms:


  1. Enhanced Oxygen Delivery: HBOT increases the amount of oxygen delivered to tissues in the body, which may aid in the repair and regeneration of cells. Oxygen is vital for cellular metabolism and energy production.


  1. Reduced Inflammation: HBOT has been shown to reduce inflammation in various conditions. Chronic inflammation is linked to aging and age-related diseases. By decreasing inflammation, HBOT may potentially slow down the aging process.


  1. Stem Cell Activation: Some studies suggest that HBOT can mobilize and activate stem cells in the body. Stem cells play a crucial role in tissue repair and regeneration, which could contribute to longevity by maintaining tissue health.


  1. Increased Mitochondrial Function: HBOT may enhance mitochondrial function, which are the powerhouse of cells responsible for energy production. Improved mitochondrial function can improve cellular health and potentially slow down the aging process.


  1. Promotion of Neurogenesis: HBOT has shown promise in promoting neurogenesis, the process of generating new neurons in the brain. This could have implications for cognitive function and overall brain health, which are important factors in longevity.


  1. Antioxidant Effects: HBOT may have antioxidant effects, helping to neutralize harmful free radicals in the body. Free radicals are molecules that can damage cells and contribute to aging and age-related diseases.


  1. Improved Wound Healing: HBOT is often used to accelerate wound healing in conditions like diabetic ulcers and radiation injuries. By enhancing tissue repair and regeneration, it may indirectly contribute to overall health and longevity.

Biohacking your body with oxygen for better performance

Oxygen is a nutrient that  provides nourishment essential for growth and the maintenance of life. Oxygen can be used to overcome injuries or trauma, to help alleviate pain or chronic inflammation from medical conditions or sometimes, simply improve our performance capacity and quality of life. Increasing our oxygen exposure can improve our mental and physical capacities for performing tasks. 


Why do we need to biohack our body's natural way of oxygen absorption?

While oxygen proves to be an essential nutrient of life, it turns out that it also is a limiting factor to our ability to make energy. While the theory of increase oxygen absorption = increase capacity to heal, detoxify, produce energy and perform, there is one major challenge. It is not an easy task to increase oxygen absorption because of our physiology and ability to carry oxygen.

Generally speaking, without any cardiovascular or respiratory condition, we are all carrying almost all the oxygen we are capable of carrying. Our “optimal” dose of oxygen is 97-100% red blood cell oxygen saturation. Under normal conditions we rely on our red blood cells to carry oxygen to our tissues and cells and in our bodies right now, they are almost already completely saturated with oxygen, only able to carry 1-3% more at any time. So, even  if we had a mask and a tank of oxygen we can only increase our absorption by a few percent which is not really enough to make a significant difference to our health the way we expect it to. 

Hence, we look to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) – by far,  the most powerful way to deliver oxygen and change our physiology with regards to oxygenation of our tissues and cells. 

HBOT looks not only at oxygen, but also at pressure. It is through pressure that we absorb oxygen. In a hyperbaric environment, we can control the amount of pressure exerted on our bodies and the amount of time we are in this pressurised environment. The amount of time we are in the environment, paired with the higher pressure allow us to predictably control the amount of increased oxygen absorption we can take into our cells. Once absorbed, the “excess” or increase in oxygen is used to produce energy, thus increasing our capacity for working tissues to perform or increase the capacity of healing and recovery.


HBOT for Dementia

Having an oxygen-rich environment can enhance oxygen delivery to the brain, improving cerebral oxygenation. Adequate oxygen supply is crucial for maintaining neuronal function and cognitive processes. By increasing cerebral oxygen levels, HBOT may help alleviate hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) in the brain, which is commonly observed in individuals with dementia.

HBOT has anti-inflammatory effects and has been shown to reduce neuroinflammation in various neurological conditions. By modulating inflammatory signaling pathways and suppressing the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines, HBOT may help mitigate neuroinflammatory processes associated with dementia, potentially slowing down disease progression.

HBOT also helps with improving cognitive functions.

Benefits of HBOT - How can HBOT Improve our Health

Studies show that supplemental oxygen is an all-natural health and wellness aid that promotes recovery, sharpens mental acuity, and helps generate energy at the cellular level. Health professionals state that increased oxygen intake can help with health and well-being. It promotes energy and increased capacity for aerobic exercise. 

Supplemental oxygen reduces stress on the lungs which can help with improved breathing comfort. Having supplementary oxygen at hand wherever you do can also make you feel more secure in cases where you many have difficulty or trouble breathing.

1. Increase Cognitive Function and Alertness

Oxygen feeds our brain. Hence, with the use of supplemental oxygen, our ability to think, reason and memorise can be improved. Many studies have shown proof as to how supplemental oxygen can aid in raising cognitive functions. 

2. Lower Risk of Heart Diseases and Health Complications

Our body needs oxygen to function. For this reason, having hypoxemia (oxygen levels fall below 92%) is extremely dangerous. Hypoxemia, or low blood oxygen, is a condition where there is a low oxygen level in blood which can lead to health complications. Hence, doctors may prescribe oxygen therapy and/or oxygen concentrators to allow for continuous supply of oxygen to patients. 

3. Effective in Helping you get Better Sleep

People with respiratory disorders often require the help of supplemental oxygen for sleep. Patients in hospitals may also be provided with continuous oxygen flow to aid with rest and recovery. For stressed working adults, sleep may not come easily. Many find themselves thinking of work long after working hours are over. This inability to regulate stress and thoughts result in poor sleep quality. Thus, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can help with relaxation and can assist in easing you into deep sleep. 

Cocoon for Sleep

The Cocoon by O2genes is a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (mHBOT). Oxygen levels and pressure in the Cocoon is 40% higher than sea level. This wellness tool that immerses individuals in high levels of oxygen ensures that oxygenated blood is circulated all around our body. In high pressured oxygenated environments, our tissues are flushed with high levels of oxygen and we are able to enjoy benefits such as increased metabolism, higher energy levels, faster recovery, and more!

In the case of sleep, the University of Alberta Neuroscientists found that when an individual is exposed to high levels of oxygen, it encourages their brain to remain in deep, restorative sleep. Deep sleep helps our brains and bodies with recovery as well as memory consolidation. On the other hand, when we are exposed to less oxygen, our brains remain in rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep. Oxygen therapy like the cocoon could be used to enhance deep sleep to ensure that individuals who tend to suffer from insomnia get enough restorative and slow-wave sleep.

4. Combat Stress and Fatigue

Stress is notably one of the biggest causes for concern today. But how do we combat it? According to the American Institute of Stress (AIS), the act of “focused breathing” is, by far, the best way to combat stress. In other words, a few deep inhalations can help “jumpstart” focused breathing by getting you to slow down and concentrate on breath intake.

In like manner, fatigue can also disrupt your quality of life. The National Institute for Health (NIH) states that “Oxygen therapy helps many people function better and be more active. It also may help decrease……fatigue.” In line with getting better sleep, oxygen can help you overcome issues related to sleep and fatigue.

5. Improve Exercise Capabilities

Those who suffer from chronic lung diseases or respiratory conditions can’t do exercise normally without the help of supplemental oxygen. Engaging in physical activity increases demand for oxygen and forces the lungs to work harder.

Supplemental oxygen can give you the extra catch of breath you need when engaging in physical activity. 

For athletes, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can take your physical condition to the next level. Struggling on the treadmill?  It pushes you through that extra stretch and can strengthen you more for your next jog or exercise. In the long run, it can improve your stamina, time and pace even without supplementary oxygen!

Cocoon for Exercise

Hyperbaric oxygen is breathing in high concentrated oxygen while being subjected to pressure greater than ambient pressure. Oxygen naturally plays a crucial role in recovery from injury and physiological fatigue. Under hyperbaric oxygen environments, more oxygen is dissolved in the blood plasma, increasing the oxygen reaching the peripheral tissues. HBOT is therefore expected to improve recovery from injury and fatigue. 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been reported to be beneficial in terms of accelerating cell recovery and tissue repair, which are considered to be helpful for eliminating fatigue and recovering stamina. This study was performed to evaluate the efficacy of HBOT for exercise-related muscular injury. (Chen et al., 2019) Moreover, recent experimental evidence implies that pain may be decreased with intermittent to long-term exposure to hyperbaric oxygen sessions.

Learn more about Healthy Aging

Ever heard of a Super Ager?

For most of human history, age-related diseases have been a common part of the ageing process. People get old, sick and then sadly pass on. At least, that has been the narrative for the ageing process… until now.

Whether it be various types of cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, or diminishing mental capabilities, billions of dollars are spent annually on research in attempts to stop or even reverse conditions related to ageing – all so people can live longer, and more importantly, healthier lives (especially in their golden years!)

Lifespan VS Healthspan

People often talk about lifespan as if that’s the most critical factor. But in reality, healthspan is more crucial than lifespan.

Healthspan refers to the amount of time in  life spent in good health and without age-related chronic diseases.  

What if there was a way to slow down the natural ageing process by targeting ageing instead of focusing on diseases or ailments? 

Is it possible to become a Super-ager? Aging experts and researchers usually recommend daily lifestyle habits vital for healthy aging. These include nutrition, good sleeping habits, regular workouts, and other treatments available today to extend those healthy years. What are the best, current data-based treatments available for people who want to improve their healthspan? Research shows that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, assists people in living more fulfilling, healthier lives. 

The Holy grail to reverse ageing

We’ve all heard of anti-ageing, but what about reverse ageing? Is it possible? 

The short answer is… YES! 

In recent years, scientists have found that it is actually possible to partially reverse age. 

But in order to find solutions for ageing, we need to first understand the science behind why we age.  

Why Do We Age & can we reverse this process?

Telomere length is a marker of biological ageing. Our body contains telomeres, a region of repetitive DNA sequences at the end of a chromosome. Each time a cell divides, the telomeres become slightly shorter. When the telomeres become too short, the cell will die as it is no longer be able to divide successfully. 

Cocooning can help with reverse ageing because it can lengthen up to 38% of our telomeres at a rate far beyond any currently available intervention of lifestyle modification. 

Moreover, cocooning decreases the old cells in our bodies by 11-37% which effectively promotes regeneration of new cells!

Indulge in a full body oxygen spa & transform in our Cocoon

Immerse yourself in a full body oxygen spa in the Cocoon by O2genes. Feel the oxygen flow and enjoy cool oxygenated rest as you put on your mask and breathe deeply. After an hour of hyperbaric oxygenated rest, your skin will be nourished with oxygen!

Have you heard of famous celebs like Madonna and Michael Jackson who actually leveraged on Hyperbaric Oxygen’s anti-ageing benefits to maintain their youthful looks? Anti-ageing, glowy skin and improved skin elasticity are just a few of the many benefits of mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT). mHBOT is also used by professional athletes to shorten athletic recovery time, improve cognitive brain function, memory, mood and a whole lot more!


Yafit Hachmo et al., The effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on the pathophysiology of skin aging: a prospective clinical trial, Aging, 13, 22, 2021.

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