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Mask Fatigue and how you can fight it

When you wear face mask for extended period of time, you may experience breathlessness or headache. This is mask fatigue. You can prevent mask fatigue by increasing oxygen intake using Boost Oxygen.

Healthy ageing

Learn about Healthy ageing ever heard of a super-ager? For most of human history, age-related

Dr Paul Harch HBOT
HBOT for Autism

Dr Paul Harch

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Facilitates Stem Cell Implantation by Dr. Paul Harch, MD1:58 – Entry of

Prof Shai Efrati HBOT
HBOT and Stem cells

Prof Shai Efrati

Reverse Aging – TEDxWhiteCity (2015) A short but effective sharing by Prof Shai Efrati 2:42

fatigue and mental stress
HBOT Wellness

Fighting Fatigue

What is fatigue Fatigue is defined as ‘an overwhelming tiredness that isn’t relieved by rest

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