Prof Shai Efrati

Prof Shai Efrati HBOT

Reverse Aging – TEDxWhiteCity (2015)

A short but effective sharing by Prof Shai Efrati

2:42 – Achieve the two goals with HBOT

5:20 – Why are we only activating 5% of our brain function?

6:42 – Requirements for rejuvenation of tissue

9:05 – MRI on weekly basis of healthy 75yo in Russia.

10:07 – How to reverse and rejuvenate?

12:26 – HBOT & Erectile Dysfunction

13:28 – Main 2 Takeaways – generate Omnipotent Stemcells and provide the energy for process to occur.


Hyperbaric Medicine – Dr Shai Efrati at Exponential Medicine 2019

0:39 – 3:31 – Introduction

3:32 – 7:02 – Basic needs for healing

7:03 – 10:25 – What we need for well being

10:26 – 12:44 – Supporting environment for wellness

12:45 – 16:29 – Case study: HBOT on Perfusion MRI

16:30 – 17:35 – Case study: Mild cognitive impairment

17:36 – 18:24 – Conclusion and closure

Dr. Shai Efrati’s presentation at Exponential Medicine 2019 highlighted the transformative potential of hyperbaric medicine. In his talk, he discussed the remarkable benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and its applications in various medical conditions.

Dr. Efrati emphasized that HBOT involves exposing patients to pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber, allowing their bodies to absorb oxygen at higher levels than normal. This increased oxygenation has shown great promise in promoting healing and tissue repair.

Key points from his presentation included:

  1. Neurological Conditions: Dr. Efrati discussed the promising results of HBOT in treating neurological conditions such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) and neurodegenerative diseases. The therapy’s ability to enhance oxygen delivery to the brain has shown potential for improving cognitive function and neurological recovery.

  2. Wound Healing: He highlighted how HBOT can significantly accelerate wound healing, especially in cases of non-healing wounds and diabetic ulcers. The increased oxygen levels in the bloodstream promote tissue regeneration and infection control.

  3. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Dr. Efrati explored the potential of HBOT in alleviating the symptoms of PTSD. By improving brain function and reducing inflammation, HBOT may offer relief to individuals suffering from this condition.

  4. Anti-Aging: The presentation touched on the idea that HBOT could have anti-aging effects. By enhancing cellular function and reducing oxidative stress, HBOT might contribute to healthier aging.

  5. Future Potential: Dr. Efrati discussed the need for further research to unlock the full potential of HBOT in various medical fields. He encouraged collaboration between scientists, researchers, and medical professionals to explore new applications and refine existing protocols.

Overall, Dr. Shai Efrati’s presentation at Exponential Medicine 2019 underscored the exciting possibilities of hyperbaric medicine. By harnessing the power of oxygen in a pressurized environment, HBOT has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of numerous medical conditions, offering hope and improved outcomes for patients worldwide.

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