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Dear friends, our Hyperbaric Oxypods are all out for rental till 30th June 2022. Single session HBOT sessions trials is available for bookings after that date. We hope this will help more people to experience the benefits of HBOT and oxygen. We are working towards having more chambers available for all. Sincerely yours.

Better With Oxygen

100% Natural

Essential for our bodies to rest & rejuevenate


Safe for pregnant ladies, elderly, sportsmen & kids


We only carry what we will use. Thus, you can be assured that our products are of the best quality

Having Insomnia?

A highly oxygenated & pressured environment helps our body absorb the oxygen it needs for enhanced rest & wellness

Can't Beat Your personal record?

Give your body the oxygen it needs to generate energy & delay the onset of lactic acid generation

Oxygen For

Oxygen For

Oxygen For Sports

We need water when we are thirsty (maybe thats too late).
We need oxygen when we start panting (just in time!).
Take 3-5 breaths of 95% oxygen and feel your heart rate lower and your body ready for more exercise.

Aerobic (with oxygen) respiration generates more energy than anaerobic (without oxygen) respiration. Furthermore, anaerobic respiration generates unwanted by-product lactic acid, which needs oxygen to metabolise away.

Know your personal best now, test yourself the next time with 95% oxygen. Overlay your stats and feel the differences. Our customers showed an improvement of 5-20% improvement in performance and shortened recovery times in between sets!

Do your sets normally. In between sets, pick up your Boost Oxygen and take a few deep breaths. Feel the difference and get back to your set earlier than usual. You will feel the difference. Trust the science.

Pilots undergo a training where they are placed in a low oxygen environment (~18%) and it is evident that they cannot do simple math at the speed they used to do in normal environment (21%).
P.S. They take 100% oxygen when they are flying. 

Oxygen will not miraculously improve their grades. Rosemary scented 95% oxygen will help them stay in focus and boost memory on concepts learnt prior to exams.

Oxygen is what our brains need. Taking a few breaths of 95% oxygen will help you refocus or relax during and after your pomodoros.

All flavours are mild and comfortable to inhale, just like a sugar or caffeine boost, Boost Oxygen provides the extra kick when you need it most. 

Oxygen For Work & Study

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