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Oxygen. The key ingredient of life.

Have you ever wondered why ‘Time Heals’?

It is actually the time needed for the blood to circulate and carry oxygen to parts of the body which require healing. Help your body heal faster by breathing in high concentration oxygen at high pressures.

constantly feeling tired?

A highly oxygenated & pressured environment helps our body absorb the oxygen it needs for enhanced rest & wellness

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Hear from our founder, Dr Josh Lim (PhD) on why billionaires, athletes and celebrities are obsessed with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, as well as what is it like to be immersed in concentrated oxygen at a high atmospheric pressure.

Catch O2genes on Channel News Asia Talking Point where the host, Shrey, embarked on a Bio-Hacking Journey in a bid to enhance his fitness stamina and strength. 

Shrey tried the Hyperbaric Cocoon® for one week and witnessed significant improvements across 4 domains of cognition – executive function, memory, visual-spatial skills and processing speed. These results were taken at a Brain Fitness Center, and even the experts there were surprised by the benefits Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy have to the body. 

Meet Dr Josh Lim (PhD) and understand why he started O2genes back in 2017 and how he integrates Boost Oxygen and Cocooning into his personal lifestyle. Learn about the science behind Hyperbaric Oxygen Cocoon® and how it helps to bio-hack the body.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Cocoon® is known for its numerous benefits including enhanced blood circulation, boosting the immune system and improving the brain’s cognitive abilities. Many American & European clinics also use Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as a means of therapy for autism.

Dr Deibby Mamahit, an autism and brain health practitioner whose sons have autism, also shared about how the right nutrition and hyper oxygenation reduce the body’s inflammation and accelerate its recovery in the episode with SEA Today.

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Suffering from exercise induced asthma?

Enhance your oxygen intake with Boost Oxygen & catch your breath 5X faster!

Hear from Our Clients

Kayla and I both woke up feeling less tired and fell asleep a lot faster than usual on the same night!
Audrey HBOT Hyperbaric oxygen
Mum of 4
HBOT helps me recover faster and get ready for my next fight. It is also very good for injuries sustained from boxing.
Professional Boxer
Finally found a HBOT in Singapore. I needed it for my brain health and recovery. Keep up the amazing work, Josh!
Retired Veteran
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