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Dr Scott Sherr HBOT

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Dr. Scott Sherr – Full HBOT Presentation – 2018 Integrative Healthcare Symposium

0:00 – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

6:41 – Objectives

7:38 – HBOT Definition

9:59 – Multiplace Chamber

13:57 – Soft Chambers

17:18 – Pressure is Key

25:55 – HBOT Treatment Protocol

33:21 – An Integrative Approach

36:15 – FDA Approved for HBOT

48:46 – Cancer & HBOT Synergy

51:53 – HBOT & Cancer (Integrated)

54:11 – HBOT & Performance

66:05 – HBOT Contraindications

67:45 – Summary

69:29 – HBOT The Great Synergizer for Massive Outcome Acceleration

Dr. Scott Sherr – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy on Wound Healing and Anti-Aging (September 2014)

1:20 – Introduction

11:18 – HBOT in 3 words ‘It heals wounds’, with integrative assistance

12:10 – HBOT Mechanisms

20:26 – HBOT does not feed cancer and also does not cure cancer. 

24:30 – mild HBOT role in neurocognitive realm and long-term HBOT

26:12 – HBOT Protocols for continuous HBOT usage

29:58 – Cost of HBOT

31:35 – Side effects of HBOT

34:59 – Investigative HBOT Indications

35:16 – Question ‘Have you treated people >75 for anti-aging purposes?’


In the “Dr. Scott Sherr – Full HBOT Presentation – 2018 Integrative Healthcare Symposium,” Dr. Scott Sherr delivered a comprehensive presentation at the 2018 Integrative Healthcare Symposium. This presentation centered on the topic of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and its potential role within the field of integrative healthcare.

Dr. Sherr likely delved into the science behind HBOT, exploring how it involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber to increase the amount of oxygen delivered to body tissues. He may have discussed its therapeutic applications, which often include treating conditions like chronic wounds, neurological disorders, and certain types of infections.

Furthermore, Dr. Sherr probably highlighted the synergistic potential of integrating HBOT into a broader healthcare approach, emphasizing how it can complement other treatment modalities for a more holistic patient care strategy.

Overall, this presentation likely served as an educational opportunity for healthcare professionals to gain insights into the benefits and considerations of utilizing HBOT as part of an integrative healthcare approach in 2018.

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