HBOT for Cancer

How can HBOT be a support for cancer?

Cells become cancerous when they are deprived of oxygen (hypoxic). Oxygenated cells are stronger and generate more energy. In an oxygenated environment, cancerous cells are weaker, and our bodies can produce more energy, enhancing overall strength.

If we undergo Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) before radiation therapy, we can strengthen ourselves and weaken the targeted cells. This can alleviate fatigue and weakness. Increased oxygen transport around the body helps cells generate more energy, making the body stronger and boosting immunity. Moreover, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can also improve our sleep quality.

Do take note: O2genes does not position itself as a medical service. We are a wellness provider. Please do check with your medical provider before proceeding with HBOT

How does it work?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) refers to breathing up to 100% oxygen while under increased atmospheric pressure at 1.4-2.0 ATA.

The Cocoon® increases oxygen delivery to the body by X7 TIMES to areas that may be previously oxygen-deprived.


  • At a higher pressure, our blood and the blood plasma is saturated with oxygen. This improves the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the body.
  • Inside the Cocoon®, you get to breathe in more oxygen. Thus, you are Hyper-Oxygenated.

Enhanced oxygenation in the body increases the amount of oxygen in the blood and plasma. This higher oxygen content improves blood flow and allows oxygen and nutrients to reach areas that were previously deprived. The increased oxygen helps dilate blood vessels, promoting better circulation, which facilitates the delivery of essential nutrients to tissues and organs that need them most. This process supports tissue repair, energy production, and overall cellular function.


    • It is the creation of new blood vessels over time, after multiple fluctuations (pressurised in Cocoon® and normal pressure in atmosphere), to deliver blood and nutrients to areas which it previously could not reach.

Mitochondrial Performance

  • Hyperoxygenation provides the ingredients required for ATP synthesis, the energy required to enable our body to rest better and recover faster.
  • With more oxygen going deeper, our cells can generate more energy.
  • Mitochondria produce ATP – energy required for our body to rest and recover faster.

Stem Cell Activiation

  • With the newly available energy, stems cells can be activated for regenerative benefits. This enables the body to recover faster naturally and enhances our cognitive abilities.
  • With more oxygen, we can get to deeper areas, as well as get more energy. With these 3 things, we activate our stem cells and our body can now fight better. 

Hyper-Oxygenation (better blood flow) → Angiogenesis (mitochodrial performance- more energy) Stem Cell Activation (immunity)

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