Rosemary Aroma on accuracy and speed of doing math problems

Rosemary Aroma Benefits

There are compounds in Rosemary oil that help with memory retention: 1,8-cineole found naturally in Rosemary aroma causes an increase in the activity of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. This guide can help you in how Rosemary Aroma on accuracy and speed of doing math problems. 

This is nothing new – scholars in ancient Greece were known to wear wreaths of rosemary around their brow to improve recall while taking exams. Shakespeare’s Ophelia petitions Hamlet with, “There’s rosemary- that’s for remembrance, pray you, love, remember.”

Rosemary aroma is being increasingly researched and implemented with both the young and old, and its use as an all-natural, safe and drug-free cognitive supporter is becoming more accepted and widespread globally.

Journal: Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology


Q1: Can the aroma of rosemary improve accuracy and speed when doing math problems?

A1: There is some research suggesting that the aroma of rosemary may have a positive impact on cognitive performance, including mathematical tasks. However, individual responses can vary.

Q2: How does rosemary aroma affect cognitive function, specifically in math problem-solving?

A2: The aroma of rosemary may potentially enhance cognitive function by increasing alertness, concentration, and memory. These factors can contribute to improved accuracy and speed when working on math problems.

Q3: Are there scientific studies that support the idea that rosemary aroma can boost math performance?

A3: Yes, some studies have indicated that exposure to rosemary aroma, through methods like essential oils or scented oils, may lead to enhanced cognitive performance, including better math problem-solving abilities.

Q4: How should I use rosemary aroma to potentially benefit math performance?

A4: To benefit from rosemary aroma, you can use essential oils, diffusers, or scented products. Inhaling the scent while studying or working on math problems may help enhance focus and cognitive function.

Method: 20 healthy volunteers (12women, 8men), with an average age of 23 years old, performed serial subtraction and visual information processing tasks in a cubicle diffused with rosemary aroma. Mood assessments were done before and after the session while venous blood samples were taken at the end of the session to ascertain concentration of 1,8-cineole (one of the volatile organic compounds in rosemary)

Results: Analysis of the results show that volunteers got 0.47 and 0.43 more serial 3s and serial 7s questions correct and did it in 0.50 seconds and 0.47 seconds faster for serial 3s and serial 7s subtractions.

The article also referenced to other literature which also indicates the positive benefits of rosemary to cognitive performance and mood. After reading the guide you know how Rosemary Aroma on accuracy and speed of doing math problems.



The potential impact of rosemary aroma on the accuracy and speed of math problem-solving is an intriguing area of study. While there is evidence to suggest that the scent of rosemary may enhance cognitive performance, including mathematical tasks, it is important to note that individual responses can vary. The use of rosemary aroma as a cognitive enhancer is a promising avenue, but it should be considered as a complementary strategy rather than a standalone solution.

Further research is needed to better understand the mechanisms underlying this phenomenon, as well as to determine optimal concentrations and methods of exposure. Additionally, the practical applicability of rosemary aroma in educational or work settings should be explored, considering potential sensitivities and allergies.

In the pursuit of improved cognitive performance, individuals and educators may find value in exploring a range of natural methods and strategies, including maintaining a healthy lifestyle, effective study techniques, and incorporating sensory stimuli like rosemary aroma. While the scent of rosemary offers potential benefits, it should be integrated into a broader approach to enhance cognitive function, especially in the context of mathematical problem-solving.

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