Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Home Rental (mHBOT)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy rental (HBOT)

3 main difference with having a cocoon at home:

1. Do more sessions to see effects
The many benefits of HBOT from hyperoxygenation, angiogenesis, anti-inflammation, reverse aging, sports recovery, to stem cell activation, can be further accelerated with consistent and regular cocoon sessions.

2. More convenience, more comfort
You can enjoy hyperbaric cocooning whenever you want, at the comfort of home. You can cocoon before bedtime for end of the day reflections, cocoon after you wake up for morning meditation, or simply cocoon when you need some me-time.

3. Know that cocooning is right for your lifestyle
Buying a hyperbaric cocoon is a long term investment and considerable large monetary outlay. Renting one for a few months will allow you know yourself better and prime yourself to integrate cocoon into your lifestlyle.


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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy rental (mHBOT)

We have 4 types of cocoons available for rentals – Zilsie (1.5ATA), Lumiere (1.5ATA), Reverie (1.5ATA), Roomiere (1.4ATA) cocoon

Benefits of Cocoon by O2genes

1) Sleep well

Poor quality sleep due to work stress? Sleep is affected by many factors. Resting in our hyperbaric oxygen cocoon gives your entire body oxygen – an important nutrient your tired muscles, brain and mind needs the most. Try cocooning with us and feel the difference! (P.S: The current status quo may not be normal.)

2) Sports recovery

Aching all over from exercise or work? Many professional athletes use the hyperbaric oxygen cocoon (HBOT) for enhanced muscle recovery and to prolong their high intensity career and deliver peak performances.

3) Full body beauty

Our hyperbaric oxygen cocoon immerses you in a high concentrated oxygenated environment and enhances the richness of essences, serums and masks for the entire body.

4) Overall wellness

Feeling the effects of mask fatigue from wearing a mask the entire day? Rest better and achieve overall wellness when you immerse yourself in our hyperbaric oxygen cocoon! Level up your lifestyle with oxygenated rest. Give yourself the best and see how much you can achieve!

5) Post medical rejuvenation

It takes time for our body to recover and for our blood to bring nutrients (oxygen is one of them) to where we need most. Help your body recover faster naturally with more oxygen as you eat well and rest better.

Rest better and achieve overall wellness when you immerse yourself in our hyperbaric oxygen cocoon! Many professional athletes and celebrities are using it to enhance their sports performance and hectic lifestyle with oxygenated rest.

Why aren’t you giving yourself the best and see for yourself how much more you can achieve? Ready to rent a hyperbaric oxygen cocoon for the long term? Fill up the contact form and we will contact you as soon as we can!


Lumiere Cocoon (1.7m long x 1.1m wide x 1.2m tall), Reverie Cocoon (2.2m long x 80cm wide), Evexia Cocoon (1.35m wide x 1.4m long x 1.75m tall), Roomiere Cocoon (2.2m long x 1.1m wide x 1.2m tall)

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