How can oxygen help you manage worrying thoughts?

Anxiety is a worry or a feeling of fear that can occur when you think about unfavorable things that could happen in the future such as how an upcoming examination might turn out for you. It is normal to feel anxious, worried or fearful of something your mind tells you could happen in the future. However, when such anxiety, worry and fear become so frequent or intense that it causes problems in your day-to-day life( e.g. stress at work), it may be a symptom of an anxiety disorder.

For many people, anxiety is exacerbated by the thought of “not enough air” based on past experiences or thoughts about losing control in a moment of crisis. In one report by a team of doctors, about 10% of the population in Singapore suffer from panic attacks made worse by anxiety and depression. Panic attacks are sudden bouts of intense fear or anxiety so severe that they can disrupt daily living for weeks or even months.

How does your breathing change when you’re anxious?

It becomes shallower — your chest doesn’t expand as much as it should

The feeling of shortness of breath actually comes from the nervous system (fight or flight) and not from the lungs.

The best way to manage your anxiety is to learn how to breathe properly and then you will be able to calm down whenever you are feeling stressed out. You can play a breathing game that is designed to help with anxiety by focusing on your breathing for about two minutes. You can also use deep breathing exercises to slow down your rapid breathing.

How does deep breathing and mindfulness help with stress and anxiety?

Deep breathing techniques calm your nervous system by increasing oxygen to your body and blood. When you breathe deep and slow, you tend to calm yourself down when feeling breathless, which is why it is used as a relaxation technique by many therapists and hospitals. 

Deep breathing exercises are designed to build your immune system. According to psychology experts, managing stress requires an increase in the amount of white blood cells that attack invading bacteria or viruses. they are usually done along exercises such as :

– Yoga: Yoga is a proven relaxation technique that gives relief when mentally exhausted by reducing tension in the muscles of the body. Yoga works by stretching and strengthening your muscles to enable you to release mental, emotional, and physical blocks.

– Zazen: Zazen is a Zen Buddhist meditation practice used in Japan. Its basic goal is to train your mind and body for everyday life or for circumstances that are uncomfortable. Zazen is considered to be a good way to cope with sleep anxiety, stress, and worry.

– Martial Arts: Martial arts helps you get rid of your worries by strengthening your body. It creates an inner peace that enables you to have the ability to think clearly and calm down whenever you feel anxious or stressed out.

– Tai-chi: Tai-chi is another Chinese practice that is considered to be a good way to overcome anxiety, stress, and worry. The exercise helps you gain the ability to think more clearly when you are under pressure and calm down faster when you feel anxious or stressed out.

Other Wellness Methods for Anxiety

Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is a holistic method of delivering essential oils to the body, especially to the soft tissues. According to some aromatherapists, their method can be used to improve the quality of life in patients with various conditions such as anxiety disorder.

Music therapy: Music therapy is a form of music therapy that uses music and sound as a therapeutic tool. The therapist may play melodies or harmonies that can help patients relax and cope with nervousness, stress, and other related symptoms.

Massage therapy: Massage therapy is a form of complementary and alternative medicine that is intended to relieve pain, reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms of mental distress. The use of touch to relieve discomfort has been documented by many cultures particularly in the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Aromatic oxygen therapy: Aromatic oxygen therapy is a type of oxygen therapy that uses essential oils that have high concentrations of oxygen atoms. These essential oils are vaporized in a mixture of air and water, which is then inhaled by patients for the purpose of improving symptoms associated with mental strain.

How can I use oxygen at home to reduce anxiety ?

Before you begin using the exercises, you should know that oxygen is more effective when used together with aromatherapy for anxiety and panic disorders. Many found it effective in helping them relax and feel better. It works by opening up the body’s communication channels and calming the mind. 

To maximize the benefits of deep breathing and aromatic oxygen therapy you could inhale high concentration during your hyperbaric oxygen therapy or using a portable oxygen canister. Boost portable Oxygen is available in a portable oxygen can and offers a smooth breathing experience in different flavors all in a lightweight and easily portable canister. We also offer other forms of oxygen therapy including hyperbaric oxygen aromatherapy with oxygen in different aromas (including our popular Boost Oxygen Pink Grapefruit). Get in touch with us today to get yours!

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