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  1. How cocooning help with trail running recovery.
  2. How his chess rankings rose
  3. How he slept better
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  1. How cocooning help with fertility
  2. Greater vaginal fluid flow
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  4. Cocoon experience at Babies Bliss
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Arya cArya c
07:34 02 Apr 24
First we rented the cocoon for trials. After about 1 week of everyday session at convenience of home, we decided to purchase one. My husband and I both feel more energetic than before. Especially me postnatal 4months started to have hairs falling over the floor and my pillow, now after about 3 months frequency session, my hair grows back very fast! For my kids, he has more deep sleeping and better hight growth percentiles. This is the main reason makes us to continue using the cocoon. Highly recommend for needed family. And more importantly the service from o2genes is responsive and friendly. They try to give solutions for any concerns or issues during the rental and after sales. They deserve Five stars.
naaila francisnaaila francis
12:51 10 Mar 24
The team was most helpful and responsive with any questions and getting us all set up. After using the cocoon for a couple of months apart from finding it enjoyable and relaxing experience; I noticed an improvement on sleep and inflammatory markers.
SK LimSK Lim
08:02 01 Jan 24
After my ENT Dr told me about HBOT treatment and some potential clinical benefits to an inner ear infection/ inflammation, which had affected my hearing, I decided to give the O2 genes cocoon a try. Did a course of 30 sessions and I believe HBOT did help with my recovery. I’m thankful that my hearing has been restored after a few weeks of the initial symptoms! Im happy to review 5 stars for the product and experience, and would recommend anyone to be fully trained & learned about how to use the cocoon safely (self- administration) or ensure that a trained personnel is handling the cocoon for the user. Thanks for introducing this product, Jolene!
Joshua TangJoshua Tang
03:22 29 Dec 23
Went to the physical location and it is a totally different shop named baby bliss. Do not get scammed
Louis KhooLouis Khoo
10:39 04 Jul 23
I was doing research on HBOT to reduce fatigue and aid in sports recovery and found O2genes. I decided to rent the Cocoon for a month as it takes 20-30 sessions to experience the permanent and temporary benefits of HBOT.The Cocoon is a soft chamber for Mild HBOT at a pressure of 1.4ata. I operated the cocoon alone and it's safe with in-built safety features (it's equally important to follow safety guidelines).Happy with the results I experienced from the 1st month, I decided to extend my rental for an additional month. My fatigue has significantly improved, so as the quality of my sleep. My exercise performance and recovery has also improved.Josh and Jolene have been excellent though this experience. From answering my queries patiently when I first contacted them, to carefully installing the Cocoon in my home and briefing me on its use thoroughly. Throughout my rental period they also checked on me regularly to check on the progress and performance of the Cocoon.Had a great first experience with HBOT with the rental of the Cocoon from O2genes and would seriously consider renting again in the future.
Jaslin KohJaslin Koh
09:42 20 Jun 23
After trying the mHBOT for a month with my micropreemie (24weeker) for 1 month, we have seen some improvements in her and our medical/therapy team/s agreed with us.Jolene and Josh have been very helpful and providing us with prompt replies to our questions and concerns. All while giving us time to consider the rental.
Adnan TravellerAdnan Traveller
01:55 06 Jun 23
I had a very rejuvenating experience with the hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The effects after the session lasted for the rest of the day. Although i did not nap in the cocoon, after the session i felt as if parts of me had a really deep rest. I also slept well the night after the session. Its a great way to heal and feel rejuvenated.
Clarence LeeClarence Lee
12:52 24 Mar 23
Having been in this field for over 14+ years, I was delighted to learn there was someone offering mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy here in Singapore in many convenient locations around. If you go deep into properly done research, you would understand that people the world over are using mHBOT for all kinds of medical ailments very successfully for a long time - and it is the mild HBOT pressures of 1.3 to 1.5 ATA (O2Genes has the optimal range of 1.4-1.5ATA!) that gives the greatest benefit for a ton of chronic health issues. Apart from that, setting up an appointment with O2genes was a seamless service experience (thanks Jolene). The efficacy of the treatment was profound even with just one session yet at a very fair price point. The support offered by Dr. Josh was brilliant and it is clear that he has done the erudition and medical research on HBOT. This is the most fundamental "biohack" that everybody needs to feel their best. Super highly recommended !!
Linus ChewLinus Chew
12:00 24 Mar 23
First and foremost, I am very happy with Josh and Jolene assistance. From the first phone call up to the follow ups, rental of the cocoon and finally decided to purchase it. Every single time, before and after sales service, they have always been responding to us swiftly, explaining to us, going the extra mile, it was just fantastic! I am very happy with their service. The effort in making sure the customer understood everything and if any products have issues, they will definitely come and resolve for you. The attitude and thoughts for the customer is just awesome. I am thankful for everything they have done. I could purchase such product elsewhere but I personally feel you can never get such on site service elsewhere because it’s the attitude and service that differentiate them. The cocoon that I purchase from them benefits my kid in many ways. It’s not a magic pill but this product helps to enhance and speed up the process getting optimal results based on my kid’s diet, supplements and exercise. It is hassle free for me with the on-site service which they never fail to impress me. They have always been patient in explaining it to me, taking time to make sure they answered all my questions. Once again, thank you to both of you and I appreciate all the help you have rendered us starting from our first phone call enquiry! A world class experience having a niche product which you can hardly find in Singapore. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.
Tay GliceriaTay Gliceria
04:50 23 Mar 23
I finally felt like I slept the night before, and was able to cut down on my insomnia medications after using the Cocoon for a month. I love it, and decided to buy the Cocoon for my daily use.
Billy ChewBilly Chew
12:46 03 Oct 22
Had been using Boost Oxygen canister for awhile and i find it really good! It really helps with recovery fast after a workout such as gym or running. Previously when i hit the gym or runs, it will take a few days to recover from all the aching but with boost oxygen, the next day, i felt totally recovered. Thanks to boost oxygen! I also tried the mHBOT - Cocoon, trust me, it felt really good! I’m able to sleep better! Thumbs up to o2genes!
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