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Cocoon by o2genes

Rest, Transform, Emerge


Cocoon by O2genes

Made for individuals who wish to reinvigorate tired muscles, boost skin rejuvenation, & to strengthen the immunity. 

Rest, Transform, Emerge #InYourOwnCocoon


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Christiano Ronaldo

Justin Bieber

Novak Djokovic

Lebron James

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Neymar Jr

Chris Froome

Michael Phelps

Russell Wilson

"I finally felt like I actually slept the night before" - Client Bong

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My daughter, Kalya, and I slept so well last night, and we woke up feeling less tired than usual! I am personally interested in Cocoon by O2genes because of Kayla's cancer medical history, and now that she's into sports, I hope this will help boost her immunity!

Audrey, mum of 4

As a SG National Athlete, I am constantly training and my body feels so tired all the time. After trying Cocoon by O2genes just once, I can immediately feel the difference in my legs - they are no longer as achy, and I can move at ease!

Dixon, SEA Games Medalist, Hanoi Games

Cocoon by o2genes

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by MD William S. Maxfield

Oxygen under pressure
by Dr Jason Sonners

Oxygen Revolution
Dr Paul Harch

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