Christiano Ronaldo now owns a hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for recovery

Ronaldo HBOT hyperbaric oxygen

Christiano Ronaldo is known for his exceptional fitness levels and ability to perform at high levels despite his age. It was known that his discipline and training regime are his ingredients to a strong physique. His recovery regime with ice baths and strict diet also plays a big part but are there secrets we may not know of?

Recently, it had been reported of his purchase of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, not long after his return arrival back in Manchester United. Christiano and his medical team and must have known of the benefits he could get from HBOT. Here’s what we found out about hyperbaric oxygen in relation to sports and muscle recovery.

Metabolism of lactic acid requires oxygen

Christiano is human afterall. After exercises and football matches, he is bound to feel fatique in his muscles and experience lactic build up. He can get into a HBOT as soon as he can, to supply his body with the oxygen it needs for the dissipation and natural metabolism of lactic acid.

Hyperbaric oxygen delivers more oxygen to deeper muscles

With the heightened pressure and increased delivery of oxygen, Christiano’s blood and its blood plasma is fully saturated with oxygen, providing the critical ingredient required for recovery. Time is critical too as professional footballers may only have 1-2 days for recovery. How many of us are still complaining on Monday of aching muscles after just a 5km relaxing weekend jog?

Hyperbaric oxygen stimulates angiogenesis which is the production of new micro blood vessels

With constant use of HBOT, our body will grow and begin to experience positive changes. Angiogenesis begin to occur and our body is more capable to delivery oxygen to regions where it previously could not without hyperbaric oxygen. In addition, we feel more energised and even our DNA telosomes will lengthen which is a phenomenon of anti-aging.

Besides Christiano Ronaldo, we found out that Neymar, along with many other professional athletes from other disciplines (tennis, basketball, american football,…) are also enjoying the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen. There must be something they and their medical teams know that we are unaware of. Chat with us to find out more!

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